Brian Spencer

Full Stack Web Developer


wordle helper screenshot
Wordle Helper

Tool used to assist in solving the daily Wordle. Frontend built using Next.js and TailwindCSS. Backend API built using Node.js and Express. This project was intended to learn about testing. Unit tests and integration testing for the API were built using Jest and Supertest.

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keeper app screenshot

A Google Keep clone built using React. This web app was built in order to become more familiar with React.

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secrets app screenshot

A web app similiar to the Whisper app. The focus of this project was to implement a user login. This is done through the use of passport.js. An OAuth2.0 google login was also implemented using passport.js.

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blog screenshot

A website that could be used as a blog. The backend was built using Node.js. Express was used for routing and EJS was used to template the HTML. The blog posts are stored using MongoDB.

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tindog screenshot

A landing page for a fake Tinder clone but with dogs. This project was built using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. The project was built with the intention of gaining familiarity with the Bootstrap framework.

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todolist screenshot
To-Do List

A web app that is a todo list. The backend was built using Node.js and the data, such as different lists and list items, is stored using MongoDB. The focus of this project was databases and how to comunicate with one using a backend language.

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